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Rob D. Pepperell, MA
I've been having difficulties with my laptop's operating speed for quite some time. I found Service Magic and submitted my repair request. Within minutes of that request, Tim from New England Data Tech called to inquire about the severity of my problem. He was very professional and courteous throughout our conversation and assured me that my problem would easily be corrected. Tim was prompt and came to my house that very same day to diagnois my problem. He returned my laptop the very next day and to my delight it operated like new again. I am very pleased with Tim's expertise and highly recommend his services to anyone.

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Why should you hire a professional company to install your flat screen LED TV on the wall? To put it simply, wall mounting a TV in your home is more than just attaching a mount to the wall with a bracket. Is it a cheap mount that will likely fail and break my new TV? How do you hide the wiring and boxes? Do you need to install and wire a new outlet behind the TV? Is this really the absolute best place in the room to install the TV?
If you choose to hire New England Data Tech to handle your professional TV wall mount installation, you won't have to worry about finding the correct TV wall mount, cables, positioning and electrical wiring yourself. We will also show up fully prepared to get the installation done quickly and cleanly the first time, without any of the hassle!
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